2014 DMC World Supremacy Champion

Born in Guatemala City, Guatemala & Raised in the City of Champions, Inglewood CA. IFTW has been sharpening his musical arsenal since the early 90's. Influenced by his parent's music (Classic Rock, Latin Jazz, Funk & Soul, 80’s new wave, 70’s R&B), along with the 90's golden sound of Hip Hop & the bass booming sounds of House, Jungle, and Techno, IFTW grew into one of the most diverse DJs in the world.

Throughout the late 90's he rocked dance floors across the Los Angeles house music and Hip Hop scene. In 1998 he was introduced to the battle scene and from that moment on he focused on getting to the USA DMC Finals.

In the DJ battle scene he quickly made his way up the ranks, winning 2 USA Titles and in 2014 getting crowned the DMC World Supremacy Champion.

When not in battle mode, IFTW rocks dance floors all throughout the west coast with guest spots showcasing his musical repertoire & world-renowned turntable skills. He is also the resident DJ Friday nights at LA’s newest hot spot, The Pot Lobby Bar inside The Line Hotel.

IFTW is already among the elite of DJs around the world, but he continues to work on his craft, and is producing his own music. IFTW won’t stop until he is the best in the world.


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